...we need this Kennedy
 right now to assure/prove
 that our Democratic system
 still works.  That the voting
 system is NOT rigged.  That
 the levers of power in U.S.
 government have not all been
 This Kennedy is a born and
 bred "SOLID"--from his
 preceding generation of
 Kennedy "SOLIDS" who gave
 ALL in SERVICE of/to America. 
 He may not be "perfect", but
 this Kennedy is the best we have
 by a long-shot. LET'S NOT
 BLOW IT, AGAIN...                    AW 5-23-23 some might say in football parlance: --"this is 'a guy', this guy is a 'dog' "...
I say:  "this guy's  a "Solid" among a swamp bedeviled by Shallows. 
                   KENNEDY '24