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                                                                                       ...check it out...

...these boys are nuts...
 FOR A GOOD SPELL, HERE.  ...unless a BUNCH of folks wake up between
 Monday morning and Tuesday down in Georgia? More of the same will be

I repeat... go-along-to-get-along no voice Warnock is PERFECT
 FOR MORE OF THIS KINDA CRAP.  Walker ain't perfect--no one's disputing
 that-- but he's a damn TON better than Obama/Warnock. 

As said... if nothing else informs you... accepting that thick-body, hairy-ass men
 should be allowed to show up in women's competition?  THAT is just the tip of
 the iceberg of how much bullshit Warnock will empty-suit mindlessly sign off
 on.  Nonsense is happening in all kinds of places with all kinds of coordination.  Censorship--owned/controlled media manipulation- saturation...  

Hell, 'did the research... most media 'used to belong to Black folks?  Ain't theirs
 any more.

You wanna get a sense of what American "bought" major media/controlled
 internet has become?  Look no further than Russian propaganda tv. 

When government has relationships like the one being proven to be true per
 TWITTER and FACEBOOK?...and more?  

  THINK?  Walker(in this case) is the better choice.  He ain't Dr. King... but he
 ain't Jim Jones, either.

And followin' Obama and his mini-me, Warnock? 
 Like followin' Jim Jones and drinkin'  his Cool-Aid... unfortunately too many
 Negroes did it...and unfortunately--probably will on Tuesday. 

  Wide open borders?  Who the hell do you Negroes think will be dealin'
 with it in their neighborhoods.  Schools?  YOU. Were you paying attention of
 what was said by manipulating newly arrived elected representatives in Los
 Angeles recently? 

Walker ain't perfect... but unlike slick Obama(and his handlers) who figures
 ya'll have no remembrance of his "Bailout Sellout"... 


 The messaage is "don't drink the Koolaid"...

 But you will...

Watch below video.  It is what it is...

And yes, I'm the guy who got sick to his stomach when I first heard the
 prideless, weak-ass pity-posture?  "Black Lives Matter"...

Too old and too ornery to bullshit...  and too much is at stake.        

PS.  I repeat Obama's Wife and Mother-in-law wouldda made a MUCH better
 President/Vice President than Obama and Biden.  Seriously.  Deep-rooted and
 "real/aware" Native Black Americans.  They would've struggled with sellin' out
 bein' puppets.  Bet.                                                                                                                                         AW 12-5-22
...I'm listening in real time... 

 **oddly enough along with many others  much of what Musk is saying occurred
 to me as a young child--for the Future... but I thought it was all positive for
 "Humans"--kinda looks like it was hopeful naivete of a child.  From very young,
 'felt adults were stupid because it seemed so obvious to me that Humans could
 exist so much better--and our Generation--Beatniks/Hippies...even though I
 was not one--was going to "fix it"... man, was my young self far...
                                         BUT "hope does spring eternal..." **            AW 12-4-23 said below...somethin' ain't right...and folks are feelin'/knowing it.
Consider: "something akin to an "AMERICAN DRAFT PARTY"--where "we the
 people" not only vote for created/arranged/offered/shoe-horned--"crafted"
 candidate "puppets".  Let's FIND Folks we feel we can trust. 

Simply... we find our  Leaders as opposed to being manipulated and gamed into
 "created/arranged/schemed/controlled puppets.  Right now many Americans
 sense they have no idea who is REALLY running America. 

One way to get a handle?  DRAFT.  Come up with suggestion and don't buy the
 choices PUT in front of you.  WE CAN DO BETTER. FIND BETTER.

 CITIZEN KANE ...  (The People will think...) 
                                   ..."WHAT I TELL THEM TO THINK..."
 We can do better finding and drafting Leadership--than the "arrangers". 


                                           AMERICAN DRAFT PARTY

Here's a suggestion:  Steve Young...QB/Lawyer.  Smart guy.  Solid.
 Let's draft run for political office. 

Here's a few more:
Michael Strahan
Barbara Streisand
Denzel Washington
Tom Hanks
Michio Kaku
Tony Dungy
Robert F. Smith
Jodie Foster

And stop the bullcrap--you're tellin' me that not EVERY ONE of these folks
 wouldn't be UNQUESTIONABLY better, say... for Senator of my home-state,
 Pennsylvania--than the present shoe-horned--questionable at best...
 fella who...what? 
                                             AMERICAN DRAFT PARTY

America can do better.  America deserves better.  America NEEDS better
 (nothin' against the fella...he just makes no sense...from git...), dislike, agree or disagree Elon Musk is living an "Examined Life".

 Recently, I've  read a number of comments of people "fearful/praying" for
 Musk...for his "safety". 

That should not be.

To many the Fourth Estate(press and news media) has been woefully
 compromised to point of tabloid bullshit.  For many of the slants and
 propaganda passed off as "news"--I oftentimes hear the voice of Orson Wells
 in CITIZEN KANE who says(of his newspaper ownership about "the Public"... )
 "People will think..."        KANE: "...WHAT I TELL THEM TO THINK..."

Some feel things are going even farther with coordinated/controlled streams of media... AND GOVERNMENT--to point of...

NOT ONLY will they  think  what I tell them to think, BUT ALSO...
 anyone speaks counter to what I ordain?  They are criminals and should be
 treated as such. 

It's a slippery slope... and while there are tons of stuff that bother the hell out
 of me, personally--silencing of ANYTHING but the equivalent of yelling "FIRE"
 in a crowded theater is wrong...even if in TOTAL disagreement.  Tolerance,
 even in complete disgust.

"If" it rises to point of calling for/causing Death-Destruction--yeah, it's a
 problem...a "crime"-- but short of that? 

"Free speech" is a bedrock of American values from git. A promise.

 Yes, I have the right to disagree. To do EVERYTHING to  "counter"...
 INCLUDING pull whatever  strings I can to stop "harm" that might befall my
  ass and even moreso harm the lives of kin, family, race, religion,
  subculture....WITHIN THE LAW.   If I could lawfully affect away all the
 asshole's money/power who's speaking against me/mine...AND Others?
 Wrongfully? Damn right I would.  Mount an all-out counter? Hell, yes.

But to create categories of speech? Opinion, versus belief, versus stupidity,
 versus "wrong"? If it ain't clearly and directly inciting "action to do harm"?
 Gotta leave the 4th Estate/free speech door much as possible.   

Tougher/trickier with media access for everybody...but... unless "violence/harm
  against" is clearly stated/suggested/called for... gotta be real careful about
  protecting Freedom of Speech/Expression.
                                                                                                                           AW 12-3-22

...and you want to vote in a fella supported by an ex-president and vice  
  president who sold out working Americans for Wall Street and Bankers?
 ("Bailout"...look it up).  We ARE the dumb suckers they think we are...

Herschel ain't perfect--but he is AT LEAST A STRONG MAN who will ask
  questions.  Warnock is a "yes man"... just like Obama was.  Not as "smooth"...
 but just as "puppetly". 

With owned media complicity, the "Clevers"  TOTALLY turned EVERY
 mention of Herschel Walker into a microscopic attack on every fiber of his

Consider the one HUGE difference between Walker and Warnock--and it
 matters in this case.  WALKER WILL "QUESTION"...and is not guaranteed to
 go along to get along.

 Warnock?  You already HAVE SEEN WHAT HE WILL DO.  GO ALONG TO
 GET ALONG WITH EVERY DAMN THING... it's that simple.                   AW 12-2-22
  right ??????????????????????????? wrong
...for me it was well worth the time to listen and understand...
 GEEOTTDAMN!...                                                                                         AW 12-1-22                 
...not a fan of this guy...for obvious reasons... but I listen to all sides that may
  have an opinion that "might" have some Truth/Value. At least in part...
                                                                                                                                     AW 12-1-22 last push for Herschel...                                                                                          AW 11-30-22
 "SOMETHIN' AIN'T RIGHT..."...people know it, people can feel it.

Question becomes...what the hell can we do about it to get it closer to "right"?

Paper Ballots?  

"Trust" is being destroyed with every testimony of something
 that's bullshit...while the "Talkers" and untrustworthy media keep insisting all
 is on the up and up and correct...

 These folks talkin', here,  don't feel like "schemers".  Just frustrated

Time for MORE "everyday Americans" to get into the weeds--or one helluva lot
 is gonna be lost    Somethin' ain't right--and a lot of folks are feelin' it,
 talkin' about it. Don't blame those who "question"... callin  'em made up names...
 'cause it ain't gonna work in the end.  It only makes things worse. 
 Distrust stronger.

ALL ATTENTION should be focused on "fixing" things to regain "trust". 

 'Lotta folks(and more every damn day) ain't buyin'  it.  You can ugly a few...but
  when the number gets head-down workers lookin' up from their  chores?    

Doesn't take a PHD to envision the possibilities.  Best coarse of action:
 BE ALL ABOUT "FIXING" "reasonable" trust can be restored.

May never be "perfect" but we can/must do better.
                                                                                                             AW 11-29-22

                                                                                                                AW 11-29-22 
...lotta "NEGATIVES" chasin' this good brother.  Pullin' hard for you, man--and steady on your
 bond.  You take good care of your Family, don't act a fool--and dogood deeds in your private Life. 

The "Scavenger Savages" doin' all they can to take you out while you're down.  'Have every
 confidence... YOU WILL RETURN STRONGER and as EXCEPTIONAL as ever... Keep Rollin'
 Strong, my  young NativeBlackAmerican Brother(which you will, 'cause that's you)...
                                                                  gon be jes fine..                                                        AW 11-29-22
...can't get this QUITE THIS WAY anywhere else...                                         AW 11-27-22
                                                                                   DERRICK HENRY! ... click pic -enjoy many...'been there...a number of times.  I wasn't near as smooth as Denzel
 in most of 'em. 
Denzel is a solid cat.  Met him for a project at Barbara Streisand's
  house...a project that an old friend(National Book Award  winning
  novelist, screenwriter AND celebrated cartoonist-Dr. Charles Johnson)
  brought me in as a partner.  

 Streisand wanted to do the lead role...BUT "only" with Denzel as her costar.
 He was cool.  Ms. Streisand was all class and hospitality.  Denzel listened
 carefully... full attention. But at end... turned it down.   

One of my "better" meetings because there was no disrespect or assumptive
 stupid shit anywhere in the room. Spielberg could learn from Ms. Streisand.
 So could a fair few others.   *(...and yes, I still want an apology...and not a damn
 thing else from the fella)

Lotta disrespect in a lotta rooms..lotta assumptions of  power where
 pencil-neck assholes figure they can say and/or do any damn thing...
 You think Weinstein wouldda tried that shit if there wasn't a baseline common
 thread/assumption in many a meetings?  I'd bet money Denzel has a few more
 similar encounters he could talk about.

'Many a talent has had to swallow hard and suck shit through a
 straw(figuratively  speaking) to get from point A to point B.  Those who say "no"/"won't do it...(won't go-along-to-get-along)?... Guess...

'Better behavior these days?  Faux liberals moving more... carefully?  You can go
 to a  party without some clown "assuming" it's cool and he can get away  with
 whacking a former pro-football linebacker in the nuts? AND  grin.  Or... try to
 pull a "Harvey" business transaction?... Many of the fools are more drunk
 and drugged on perceived "Hollywood Inner Sanctum Power" than anything 
 truly  "substantial" in their "being".  The complaints you hear are not bullshit.

And those who say they had no idea what Weinstein was up to?  I find it
  hard to believe.  I was FAR from daily inner workings "stuff" and I heard
  more of the fella's "behavior" than I cared to. Hell, it was even joked about at an
 Academy Awards show.  And a helluva chunk of the audience laughed/ giggled. 

  What's bugging my ass?  I see Kanye, Kyrie Irving(and others) apologizing all
 over the place... others VERY CAREFULLY towing the line.  And on the flipside?
 Arrogance, disrespect, lies, deceit, false fronts, power manipulations...
And when wrong?  Apologize?  Hell no.  That is reserved for those who are
 "Beggars"... ( the concept of Hollywood--and by extension, the world...
 is, basically, "Beggars and Choosers".   A pretty smart fella "in the business"
 laid the concept on me--and I will elaborate in future... an elegant summation--
 and it "fits"--and no, I will not divulge his name unless he gives permission)...
 Enough for tonight.  On a positive note:
 Regardless of how it's come about... if it's better with less assholes "assuming"?
  Woke, not woke, 'have no idea what the hell "woke" is... I'm happy for the

 Linebackers can now go to Hollywood schmooze-fests without getting whacked
  and grinned...  and women are less likely to be offered  unwanted
 "business transactions"".

But... "Beggars and Choosers" is STILL the going rate...

                                                                                                                               AW 11-26-22
CRISPUS ATTUCKS... historically
 acknowledged as the first man
 to fight and die  at the beginning of  
  the American Revolution.  Yep...
 A Black  Man. Ironic, but true. 
 A statue exists in Boston in honor of
 his ultimate sacrifice. He was
 ceremonially honored
 at the time by his fellow "soon to be"
 Independence declaring "Americans".
                                                   AW 11-29-22
"Native" Black Americans who have been Generations of this land 
 called "America"  know no other Kin,  Family, Language, Culture
 but the one created/evolved/developed  over Centuries of  being of
 this land.  You are a unique and specific "People".  No less so than
 the Irish are from the English, the  Germans from the
 Russians, the Italians from the Greeks. You have been of this land
 since... hell,  since before it was  CALLED  "AMERICA". 
Only the Original Tribes are more indigenous to this land than the
 "Native" Black American. Regardless of the circumstances that 
 found you here... you are a self-realized, uniquely developed 
 "original"..."become" specific over Centuries.. 
 You know no other. For Generations. For Centuries.

 Friend, Kin, History, Culture, Family...all that you KNOW
 ...born here.
You ARE "home".  You, personally, know no other...Your History,
 your roots--are  American History...roots...BEFORE "America".
 Embrace it. And move forward with knowledge and conviction. 
 Your Ancestors have been a part of EVERY SECOND of "America".
 This is your HOME.
 This is your ROOTS.
 Your Blood flows through every SECOND of AMERICA.
 This is your LEGACY.

                                                                                                                    AW 11-27-22
Immigrants from all over the world came long after and worked TOGETHER  to
 build collective wealth...for their folks/subcultures ...

 Black "Americans", born and evolved over centuries in this land  are the most
 "Native"  Peoples specific to  this land after the "First Tribes"; who were already

Ugly start--but no reason to continue that path and finish/accept that way...

...a VERY unique and specific people and culture developed over Centuries in
  this land.  A bond NOT fully realized, acknowledged...used as bedrock 
  connection to unify and build on. 

While I am not a fan of Warnock, it was odd as hell to recently hear of a woman
  from India talk about  "deporting" him. 

Think, Negroes.  Your asses are going backwards.  You are NOT
 "African-Americans".  Folks who just got here from Africa are.

 Think. You're losing ground because you do not OWN and appreciate your
 VERY specific, unique People/Kin/Culture developed/evolved  over Centuries. 

Claim your damn distinction.  Recognize and work together.  Like so many others who've since come.  It's the strongest, smartest, wisest and best way. 

Others have done EXACTLY that.  Including some of the most recent arrivals.

Figure it out.  The battles and struggles of our Ancestors have made it so easy for
 so many others who've come. 
Figure it out.  Or do you not mind a woman from India suggesting you be

 No specificity?  You're losing ground in every sector in SPITE of "sponsored"
  successes. ..for a "few".

Here's one.  Instead of railing against Jewish Americans... consider...studying
  their rise as a model.  

You don't dedicate and stress a solid education/foundation for your offspring,

You are a useless moron. Regardless of how many trinkets and ducats you
 accumulate for yourself.  You are a foolish "Human"... a damn foolish human.

And while I do not agree with the silly woman from India... I will say this...
 If you really don't want to be here.  There are plenty who will gladly help you
 leave... as long as you promise NOT to come back.

Figure it out.

 Some "real" Africans would love to trade places with you and become
 "real"  African-Americans.

You/we can do better. 'Love to see more in pictures/videos/images where
  science and technology is underway.  I ALWAYS look to see how many
  Negroes are in the room when a rocket is being launched. Science is being
  conducted.  Innovations, technologies,  discoveries,  inventions are
  being pondered. 

And most of the time?  Yep, one or  two to none.   Mostly NONE.

STEM is exciting.... yes?   And in spite of all the whining?  Knowledge IS
 available for those who are determined to find it.  

Native Black Americans have MORE than enough singers, dancers,
  comedians...and, yes, "commenters"(like what I'm doing right now)...
BUT for my own offspring?  First... best school I can find.  And while
 respecting whatever he/she might want to do--making sure science and tech is
 not foreign.  And "business".
                                                                                                     AW 11-28-22

...I'm from Pennsylvania. 'Speak to "Folks" in Pennsylvania.  And "somethin' ain't
 right.  Lotta folks are knowin' it...feelin' it in their bones.  Sometin' jus' ain't

Check out the tab ALL-AMERICAN DRAFT PARTY.  Is it possible we
 "Americans" can start finding and DRAFTING our own leaders?  Towns, cities,
  neighbors, friends... deeds done...with no interest in politics.  Just GOOD, 
 SOLID FOLKS.  Should we be tryin' to find them?   And DRAFTING THEM
  OURSELVES?  'People we have a general sense of being "solid"... because of how
  they've lived their lives OUT of politics. 

For me?  Almost always of late it is a flip of the coin "choice" between the "lesser"
 of 2 bad choices.  Frying pan or the fire. 

 Kinda that way with Walker and Warnock.  One's ANOTHER usual "go-along-to-
 get-along" feelin' kinda fella.  And the guy I'm pushin'?  Ain't quite ready for
 prime time...BUT--he DOES speak HIS mind. 

 Warnock?  "Yes" folks are the  bane of America.  Useless to harmful
 for regular folks... perfect "puppet tools" for the "Clevers"...
                                                                                                                                                                                                      AW 11-25-22

...have to admit... one issue(and probably others) I am in disagreement with
 Walker on... and that is a "woman's right to choose".  Dudes don't have kids. 
 And many skip out.  Many a woman KNOWS that HER Life will change
 DRASTICALLY... with responsibility of "child".  Simply put... men ain't carryin'
 for 9 months, then birthing something from THEIR bodies. 
Don't feel "we" have the right to tell a matter what... you MUST  give
 your Life  from moment of learning you are "pregnant"... until a child is born. 

There should be a period of time where she can choose if SHE wants to birth a
  child.  An asshole man can "conceivably" create a an army of kids in the nine
  months a woman carries his seed for that "one".
  HAS to be her choice.  Has to... It's HER body, HER "Life"...
  Dudes need to sit down and shut up on that one...if the woman says "no"...
                                                                                                                             AW 11-25-22

...the reason Herschel Walker is the better choice for the Senate than Warnock
 is because where Warnock will go along to get along...Walker will not.

"ABOVE" video speaks to the PERFECT example.

I suspect that in addition to damn near EVERY top level athlete--no one on the
 PLANET  in their honest right mind doesn't recognize that a biological  "man"
 is VERY different from a biological woman straight up.  

Even Caitlyn Jenner(formerly Bruce Jenner), the BEST all-around decathlon
 champion--who now identifies as a woman--thinks it makes no sense.  AND

I doubt even Warnock believes it...  and yet?  Like many other go-alongs-to-get -
 alongs... HE VOTED FOR IT!  Why?  He's a "Yes Man"--no matter what the issue.


The "owned" media is in the tank for Warnock.  The guy is strictly--in politics...
 a classic "follower". 

Walker ain't perfect, no question.  And with the media doin' all they can to
 diminish every aspect of the man... he's STILL light-years beyond Warnock
 in the area of speakin' his mind.  Questioning whatever ...BECAUSE he's,
 by nature a MAN who stands down to no man.  He WILL speak his mind,
 question, move toward common sense Truth as opposed to "going along to get
 along" .

THAT ALONE ... makes Walker a FAR better choice to speak "up" for the people

But if you are honest?  And express your common sense? 

...I  need not say more.  Republican OR democrat?  You gotta vote for Walker.  He's the only CHOICE WITH A VOICE(of his own)...

Here's a campaign slogan:  THE CHOICE WITH A VOICE... (and it's true)

  Personally, I feel like Republican OR  Democrat, generally---I'm lookin' at the
 frying pan or the fire.  Don't trust either one to come fully straight. 

Sneakin' folks across the border?  And hopin' nobody notices.  Bullshittin'
 and lollygaggin' all over the place...HELL JUST TELL THE DAMN TRUTH.
Whatever it is. 

But acting like it ain't happening?  Treating regular Americans  like booboo the damn fool?  Sneakin' people into places at night?  It's like the US government
has itself become human trafficking coyotes... the video.  And IGNORE the owned, mainstream media 
 propaganda cabal coverage working hard to connect Walker and this issue
 with the tragic events in Colorado. 

The junk folks have to wade through...

                                                                                                                     AW 11-23-22
...speaking FOR Warnock, Obama boasted America  needed a runner, not a
 "Walker"...well, just like I'd choose Mr. Walker over Mr. Obama AND his
 "pocket politician", emergency pilot for a plane?   I'll take Walker
 to move faster than Obama AND his a "run"... check it out... 
                                                                                                                                 AW 11-23-22

...hmmm...seems this fella's found something for himself that works pretty well
 for him...                        
                   ...maybe Putin and Zelenskyy(and their followers) should check him
 out...                                                                                                                                                                                                  AW12-6-22