... okay, some bullshit doesn't matter...it's folks hangin' out,  tellin 'tales and havin' a good ol' time spinnin' and grinnin', laughin' and scratchin', lyin' an' flyin'.  Cool. 

But then there's the BULLSHIT we are fed to move us in this way or that/or sneak something by us. THAT kinda bullshit matters.  There's PLENTY evidence that Ms. Kamala Harris is full of THAT kind of manipulative bullshit.   Our apologies to the bull...
when Ms. Kamala Harris disingenuously/
shamelessly/"dramatically" claimed to be "that little Black girl"?

Did Ms. Kamala Harris get her idea from the India-Indian guy, below,?  Or did he get the idea from her? 

OR is their...

"I faked being a been-here-ghetto-Negro"

...a new cynical ruse for "some" folks just got here to piggy-back off the close to 500 years of real splibs strugglin' with this shit? 

Yeah, "500". Before the celebrated Mayflower.

Meet actress Mindy Kaling's brother?  He proudly bragged:  "I faked being  Black to get into medical school."

In Kaling's case he went on, initially, to denigrate Native Black Americans; he's India Indian. 

Damn fool just got here and, apparently,  has no sense, understanding, feel, or respect for Black American history, per having medical needs met poorly/not met at all. 

I daresay that at his core--putting aside the distinction of  the accomplishment and ability to make a decent living in an America BETTERED by the blood and sacrifice of the very people he demeans...he's probably going to be an arrogant, clueless, lousy-ass doctor to "some".

There was a time when HIS (possibly ethnically insensitive) ass would not have been able to do a LOT of the things he arrogantly takes for granted. He understands NOTHING of things like the Tuskeegee Experiments... and TONS of other things that bear on the need for many more Black American Doctors than we've historically had/have...

And in full discolosure, I, PERSONALLY, refuse to go to a "White" doctor because of very bad experiences I've had in the past.  UNLESS, that's the only kind around and I'm gonna die.  Or, he's a friend to my son--or a known quantity to someone Black who can vouch for his ass not being a Joe Biden kinda doctor guy. "Hey, you a junkie, man?"/"Don't trust me, you ain't Black"....and that's in the waiting room.

Seems med schools are being flooded with applicants from India... and based on this guy?  I won't be too quick to seek one of those fellow's out, either. Unless, again, I'm about to die--and he's all I got.   

Now Kaling's writing a book about his ignorant disrespect.   "Donald--I'm with you on closing the damn border to assholes...no matter where they come from. And no more phony "anchor babies". Only 30 countries out of 195 on the planet do it.  India is not one of them. (if nothing else, only do it with countries who do it in kind)...

In Kamala Harris's  case, "postured" Native Black American deep historical roots and struggle "was" a useful selling device among the liberal Whites looking for a non-"Aunt Jemima" looking Black who could represnt a "presentable Black".  Add to that the political maneuvering White power-seeking cabal--who puts anything other than an American Historical  Black in any and everything they can... "some of the Blacks from other places are just as talented--and polite, too"(actually read that in a newspaper article about football coaches discovering Black immigrant potential talent).

Guess real "been here" Negroes don't always behave like you want 'em to.  AW 8-15-20
This combination will get Trump re-elected... (if you're counting on Native Black Americans to show up)  ...Bet. 
                              June 19, 2020(Juneteenth-a "Holiday" which makes no sense to me)
Joe--you dis Black folks with casual race-based assumptions.  Add a woman who conveniently postures as an historical Black American (She's first generation India-Indian and Jamaican).
We don't share all opinions in the linked article, but it does speak truth about Prosecutor Harris and her career in putting Black folks in jail. CLICK PIC BELOW

Click pic to watch ol' Joe git happy happy wit' it...      AW 5-22-20

I digress...
There was a vote on a bill that would STOP warrantless searches from government of what Americans viewed on the internet.  The bill LOST 59 for/37 against.  It needed 60 votes for the bill to pass. BERNIE conveniently did not show up.  Apparently RIGHT TO PRIVACY did not mean anything to ol' Bern-buddy.  Stock-trading-right-before-the-pandemic-hit Diane "Money-Bags" Feinstein voted FOR ignoring Right To Privacy. Who are these people, really?  Orwell's 1984 anyone?

Fella below doesn't look like a splib to me.  Lotta white guys got new stuff, broke shit--and wilded their asses off  in this one.
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