AW - July 22. 2020
Some have argued that Kamala Harris is not eligible to be President of the United States because neither of her parents were American citizens when she was birthed on American soil.  They also point out that she spent her formative school years in Montreal, Canada--and came back to the U.S for college.  The history/above facts are true; BUT Ms. Harris IS eligible to hold office in U.S. by virtue of being born on U.S. soil. 


The clever woman is STILL a long way from representing herself as an historical Black American; implying "Native Black American".

*that whole bogus over-dramatic Black American busing thing she dropped on poor Joe was first-class political malarky-bullshit. And using MLK day to announce her candidacy ...and on and on.  BIG TIME phony, misleading stuff. But, Black Folks are watching. Learning. And it may matter.  Big-time.

Gotta hand it to her though, the woman is definitely a politician--in any country.  But what most Black Americans consider straight up American "Negro" kinfolk Black?  She ain't.  Not even close.  And it's wrong for her to falsely position herself as such.  Her ancestors didn't pay that price.


Some might say, Kamala Harris is closer to Rachel Dolezal than she is to Angela Davis.  On some of Harris's most phony bullshit days?  I might agree.

*...don't really care that Kamala Harris's family owned slaves.  It was in Jamaica--and it wasn't her.  What DOES matter is all the disingenuous selling of her as an historic Black American.  It's an insult that her and her "chooser-handlers" figured Black folks wouldn't notice.  And so far, they've pulled it off.  Like a lot of other phony bullshit. 

Simply put, there is nothing for the same folks who celebrate Juneteenth to celebrate per Kamala Harris.  What bothers me enough to spend my time dealing with this crap is that there's an element of deception put over on American slave-descendant Black folks. Again.  Kamala, her husband, and her "handlers" will not get my vote.
AW - July 8, 2020

Whether Woman OR Man--sure would be of significance to FINALLY see a Native Black American with roots that go back to slavery and through serving in every American war and movement for more civil rights for EVERY American--somewhere in the White House. 

Closest "Native" Black American was Congressman Adam Clayton Powell. 

It has been said(sworn) that there would never be a President with American slave roots in the White House.

Those who sought out, groomed and drafted Obama kept it true.

Put bluntly:  Biden choosing Kamala Harris over many other very qualified Native Black American "women"(or men) would keep the "dodge/avoidance/disrespect" alive. 

Mr. Clyburn, please help ol' Joe out...again.
With all due respect, our Black elected officials dropped the ball. 

Historical Black American voters saved Biden's butt.  They had some influence. They were owed some consideration.

They should've pushed harder for one of several very qualified "Historical" Black American Women(if a "Black Woman" weighed in the equation)--whose family served this country over generations.  It mattered. 

AW - August -12-20