JUNETEENTH? PLEASE COUNT ME OUT.  Juneteenth makes absolutely no sense.  It's a chump holiday. Celebrating what?  Getting stolen lives back from a bunch of kidnapping criminals?  Seriously.  Feels like Negroes suffering a bit of the Stockholm Syndrome. It's a bad joke.  How about "ANCESTORS  DAY" instead to HONOR those who came before(and leave Government Blessing out of it).  If anything, let those White folks whose direct ancestors go back to slave days celebrate "Juneteenth" for THEIR ancestors becoming human.   *I observe ANCESTORS DAY every December 12--to HONOR what they suffered, survived, fought for, overcame, contributed and passed on to us...and ALL Americans. AW 9-26-20
Jus' a li'l eavesdroppin'  here an' there...
Misis Brown
When Obama had the BET Celebrity party at the White House, not a single solid plan for the black community was formed, none! On one Snoop Dog radio show/episode, Snoop bragged about “smoking” in the White House rest room (whether he was joking or not, you get the point).
It was no joke. All sorts of depravity went on at the white during those terrible years. Even the roaches left behind by the Obama years had a good time back then. Trumps had that whole structure stripped from inside out and top to bottom. All new furnishings and decor.
The Democratic party wants to replace us with illegal immigration, which is detrimental to our survival.
Hate to tell you but that has been going on for decades. You think there no relation that has more Black men sent to prison while illegals become the darlings of the Democratic party. Look at traditionally Black neighborhoods are now made up of Hispanics.
They were well on their way and I would say succeeding .... until that wall went up
@Remorseless Cuck Slayer II I grew up in LA and Compton's majority latino now. Slowly chipping away
@TzUp Yup my father had a business in Pasadena and I used to go into Compton and other areas for supplies during the 70's. Now it's hard to find Black people there. Watts as well.
Trump's people come up with a plan and Ice cube wants to share some of his ideas and now the Left hate him and call him names. As a semi-left person I am sick of them
You really should be ashamed, I too use to be on the left, I’m now an independent
@Anthony Brown I am a undeclared voter as well
@Anthony Brown This what makes many americans become independent. You cant depend on none of these parties. Infact i rather try to build my own independent secret society party. The fools will never get it right.