Keepin' It Real
"Keepin' It Real” is a “Native Black American-centric” page created during the Obama Presidency.  We believe it is legitimate, even if not popular,  to ask and examine the question; "Outside of Barack Obama’s historical, symbolic significance(which IS huge), what did Obama actually do as President?"

"WHAT'S IN YOUR HAND"...A must see video of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

With all due respect:  Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. -  Black American was (and remains) closest "Native" Black American in U.S. history to becoming President of  The United States of America

Congressman Powell was backroom-manipulated (kicked out ) out of Congress by the power elite in 1967.  In a show of defiance "The People" voted him BACK IN in 1968.  But his all-important seniority had been weaseled away.

If  Congressman Powell was the first Black American President(living today), priorities, policies and Truth of what you see and what you get would be very different from what we are experiencing.

Black Americans have been used and, finally, sold out.  Very few(if any) are of the banking, Wall Street, big pharmaceutical class.  And anyone with eyes half open can see those are the ones who are first priority.  The big whammy is that most of the voices who would remind us of what we owe to those who struggled along the path of our unique history have been assimilated, bought, compromised, overwhelmed, marginalized...and/or effectively silenced.  

Congressman Powell wasn't perfect... but he was "real".  

See the movie (available on Netflix or can be purchased on Amazon and at other video retailers): KEEP THE FAITH, BABY and/or purchase and read the book, ADAM BY ADAM: The Autobiography of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.; with an introduction written by Adam Clayton Powell III. 

More importantly, be honest about what you see--and how it has worked. Good intentions or not, it appears to have served small-percentage-power by far--first.  And rank-and-file Americans...of all colors--conveniently.

Would a Republican or different Democrat have been any better?  Probably not.

Worse?  Good chance.  But... Black Americans(and others) wouldn't be so damn quiet and helpless about it.


It's not so much the movie, it's the celebration;  who's celebrating and who is not--who participated in the making("financing/greenlighting") of this movie and feels slap-happy proud, comfortable and good about it... and who does not. Who's Ancestors and present day children have had a diet of similar(dressed up in all kinds of ways)... and recognize the Truth of that... and who does not. 

It's part of a psychological construct, once upon a time fully intentional--today, much more complex--but carrying the same DNA as what came before... a direct descendant.  

In a word, for those of us here--old enough to know better--we have to work harder to do better for those who will come on our road in Future. And sometimes that means saying "no" to those with the money and means to keep the chains rattling... regardless of their pats on the back.

Those who know what we're saying recognize the media-entertainment-movie-tv portrayal lineage and their present day descendants, well. 

Solution?  Seek out, recognize, support and celebrate those folks trying to portray images of substance, nourishment, pride, power, integrity and "good sense" to balance the "same ol same ol".

Oops.  Forgot one  important word that can be used as a litmus test... in most instances: Respect. (if it's not in the room/equation/portrayal/message... 
and the odor of purposeful disrespect/belittlement/diminishment is undeniable----
'might wanna consider gettin' the hell out... if you can)
Don't agree with everything Mr. Farrakhan says, but he is a very thoughtful man well worth at least hearing. 

Also, not sure Mr. Farrakhan(and Black Muslims) "support" Trump; as the person who posted the interview states.  

Five reasons one brother said he is writing in FRED WILLIAMSON for President of the U.S., 2016:

#1. Fred Williamson is more “real” than battleship mouth, row-boat ass, overly-entitled Trump; or smile-doesn't-match-the-eyes, deceitful, manipulating, puppet-minion, Hillary Clinton.  

#2. Self made-man, Fred Williamson,  has a record of achieving what he goes after with the excellence he exhibited kicking ass and taking names as “The Hammer”. Brother Williamson rose up in the bruising, highly competitive earn-through-effort proving ground of American Football. And, subsequently,  distinguished himself as an outsider, pioneer-independent-filmmaker among the connected insider gangs of Hollywood weasels. 

#3. Fred Williamson is more charismatic, cool and in touch with working folks than silver spoon-ass Trump and condescending Clinton. Daddy gave him no million dollars to play with.  And spouse gave him no introduction to how the Insider-Controllers might use you if you learn how to publicly bullshit the masses while privately serving the elite.  

#4.  Fred Williamson would be the first REAL "Black American" President.  Not an “African-American” front-man like Obama, whose genetic Black ain't historically rooted in the battles from bottom-up over generations of tusslin' with somma these half-crazy White Folks tryin' to hold Negroes in servitude and subjugation. Obama's words and actions were, finally, not aligned. His first allegiance seemed to be to those who picked him and placed him; Negro votes were his contribution. .  Mr. Williamson is ona them make-a-way-outta-no-way Negroes descended from slaves whose unique "Black" American culture developed over generations in this muhfuh.  The Hammer's  Black “American” roots run generati0ns deeper than Obama, Trump AND Clinton.  Brother’s roots go back to them cotton-pickin’ and rowin’ the damn ocean days... and rises up through American Revolution, Civil War, Jim Crow, Jazz-Blues-Chitlins, Civil Rights, Black Power and into and thru "Rap".  Some serious "deep knowin'" up in there.   

#5. Fred Williamson could take Trump, Biden, Obama AND Bill Clinton behind the gym… and whoop all four asses without breaking a damn sweat-- or takin’ his cigar out of his mouth.