Trotter Blackstone is a product of a handful of Native Black American minds working together.

Some of us prefer to remain anonymous. All of us prefer, as much as is reasonably possible, to remain secondary to our output. The Trotter Blackstone “collective” may change from time to time, as contributors come and go.  Differ as we might on some thoughts and opinions, the one thing we hope to always have in common is our deep roots in the unique Native Black American history, evolution, experience, culture—People.    

If your family goes back 5/6-plus generations and can be traced OR disappears somewhere back to around/before the Civil War in America, you are one of us.  Welcome.  

                       LUIS "IAGO"  GUTIERREZ                                                                 & 

*"Iago" is Shakespeare's false friend to Othello who feigned friendship while he cleverly, sneakily  and out of jealousy schemed the destruction of his Black "friend". *
Immediately BELOW is another attention-seeking clown who uses demeaning references to Black Americans in order to further his agenda of...whatever.  We saw his original interview which has been, for whatever reason, shortened to not include his ugly little ending ditty that elevated his "Brown" over "Black".   It went something like this:  "If you're White, you're alright.  If you're Brown, you're one down.  If you're Black, GO BACK".  Back to where, MF?  And last time we looked, it was "Brown" who was being "sent back".  

Now,  we have no desire to disparage or disrespect or USE "Brown Folks" in comparative self-serving dialogue.  So enough said on that account. But this damn fool needed to be checked.  Even in what is presented below, this pompous, ego-inflated  knucklehead uses Sessions to stir folks up toward rallying behind "him" and "his" MAIN cause--"Immigration"...while  casting himself as the hero with the microphone who will save us all. Ol' clever Leader Louie tactically rails against the usual "common Old White Guy enemy" ...personified in Sessions. Hey, cat, yo' sneaky sideways sh--was as bad for Black Folks as anything Sessions has said, lately.  

We're gonna add a "Clown Page" to our website... and our little "Brown Savior", Luis Vicente Gutierrez,  will be joined by the fella("Dick Durbin--below) who ran similar weak game to Luis's in offering a bullsh-- self-serving "invented" explanation of how Black Americans, supposedly, are pained every time  they hear "chain migration".  
"SHI-HOLE" MEETS "BULLSH-T":   Don't know who this fella "Dick" Durbin "really" is, but...
...his ugly cynical, self-invented/misinformed "alternative" definition of  "chain-migration" and connecting it to been-here-for-6/7/8 generations-or-more Black Americans  in order to advance his condemnation of Trump is no less  disrespectful or profane than Trump's own "shit-hole" remark about recent "immigrants".  Worse, actually.    Fact:  Not one single Black American we spoke to ever heard or thought of "chain migration" as having anything to do with Black Americans who were slaves at the origin of this country.  Nowhere in any "definition" of chain migration is Durbin's bullcrap mentioned.  Durbin "dissed" Black folks who were in and of this land long before Durbin's own ancestors immigrated from Ireland(father) and Lithuania(mother--actually born in Lithuania).    Please, enough of the phony, weasel-clever use by self-serving "liberal carpet-baggers" of "Native" Black Americans to advance their own political lives and agendas.   Sickening.  DURBIN'S reported by Durbin:  

"I said to the president, 'Do you realize how painful that term is to so many people? African-Americans believe they migrated to America in chains and when you talk about 'chain migration, it hurts them personally'."

                  TROTTER BLACKSTONE

          GO EAGLES!

...and please,  no crying, whiny, sad-ass helpless commercials by ALLSTATE featuring Black Americans "begging" not to be passed by and forgotten.  Any Black(or any other thinking person) who uses Allstate is supporting the continued psychological assault on Black Children of the worst kind. Media ads over-normalizing of downtrodden and helplessness featuring Black adults and children is evil.     

...Bill Cosby is from Philly...and in a parallel universe he did not do his dirty deeds and Native Black Americans are still benefitting from the voices of Cosby and Dr. Alvin Poussaint.  1-4-18