Look deeper and just about every popular/celebrated Black media source is owned, board-directed by, control-influenced by folks ain't Negroes.  We ain't THAT popular/celebrated or a major Black Media source(yet)... but splibs run this muh--every bit of it.

"CAN YOU HEAR ME, NIGGER?"  We know this sit-on-his-ass and steer motherfucker wasn't talking to Miles Garrett. (jus' curious, was the person on the other end Black or White?) 

***OKAY... found out, today--the guy this fella was talkin' to was white--like him. The word is ugly as hell.  No question.  Rappers should retire the shit.  Period. Used to be a lot of white kids riding around Beverly Hills--hell, all over America, blasting rap songs with "Niggah"--every few words in the lyrics.  Sometimes happily rapping right along. Some would turn it down when they saw you pull up next to them at a stoplight.  Some didn't.  Question--why is it okay for Ben Stiller to do a movie with a scene where he's having sex and the woman is yelling "F... me like a Black man"?  And Robert Downey Junior proclaiming that "my black friends thought it was "cool"--that I wore Black face" in another Stiller "expressing" whatever that fool's trippin' on... and then there's the Philadelphia Eagles player who said he would beat up every nigger at a concert because a Black security guard didn't treat him special(and we all know a TON of NFL Brothers from Ray Lewis to Miles Garrett[again] to a few fellas on the block...who if in earshot, couldda tore this boy a new a---ole). Well, he kept playing on the Eagles while a black teammate was traded for HIS supposed "difficult" nature---and on and on...and on...and on.   SO: Who decides who gets a pass--and who doesn't?  Race car drivers tend to be thought of as "good ol' boys"--and it mostly fits.  Am I gonna defend this guy?  Don't really want to.   BUT... guys talk shit--and folks who've worked construction, played sports, etc.-- know that among "friends",  co-workers, teammates--"license" is sometimes taken by guys joshing and grab-assin' around(and sometimes a fight breaks out, too).  I'm glad the stakes are higher for folks saying unnecessary degrading stuff in public these days.  In this case, good ol' boy's  crime--if truth be told--is that the mic was on and his jack-assin' around got caught.  It's like the politicians sellin' stock equipped with insider information--and gettin' away with it--while Martha Stewart went to jail.  Don't think I'd like this guy if I met him.  Don't think I'd want to be anywhere around him.  But does the punishment fit the crime?  If so--there are a bunch of others need to be revisited/considered.  It's a long-ass list--and I got a small chunk of it for the "pickers and choosers" who are interested.  Hell, somma them might be on it. Come to think of it,  I'm still pissed at Spielberg for some "N" crap like this that cost me a movie 'cause I wouldn't accept it--if ol' Stevie was a good ol' boy and not a---cradled in Hollywood darling...his butt mighta been right there with this guy.  Trust me, there's a million other stories that a TON of folks could tell(especially in bullshit-liberal Hollywood--where big Black men pursuing career get grabbed by the nuts by grinnin'  punk-ass "gate-keeper kin"--literally and figuratively--*is that guy back at work?).  Many a liberal have gotten away with far worse than a good ol' boy callin' his good ol' boy buddy a nigger--when he thought it was 
 jus' two white boys doin' what all kinds of familiar trash-talkin' yahoos do.  Always check yo' mike, man.  Remember Jessie Jackson sayin' he'd like to cut Obama's nuts off?  Open mike?  Get yo' ass everytime.   AW 4-15-20
Brother kinda looks like Denzel without hair; but I digress.  Question?  Why were the Negro talking-heads  on TV throwin' sideways shade on this good man?  He took a shot at speaking with kinship to folks. And boom! The "Heads" couldn't give liberal media negative pronouncements quick enough.  Okay, so he ain't  Malcolm X...but, damn--he IS the Surgeon General.   'Hope ya'll nitpickers didn't nitpick him off the stage.   
April 14, 2020
One Man Calvary
This man, Mr. Clyburn,  saved Joe's bacon.  Ol' Joe now needs a little help makin' a meaningful choice.  Hopefully,  he ain't forgot who resurrected his...behind.
Whether Woman OR Man--sure would be of significance to FINALLY see a Native Black American with roots that go back to slavery and through serving in every American war and movement for more civil rights for EVERY American--somewhere in the White House.  Closest "Native" Black American was Adam Clayton Powell.  It has been said that there would never be a President with American slave roots in the White House. Those who sought out, groomed and drafted Obama kept it true. Bluntly:  Biden choosing Kamala Harris over many other very qualified Native Black American "women"(or men) would keep the "dodge/avoidance" alive. 
Mr. Clyburn, please help ol' Joe out...again.
'NOT A FAN OF THE PATRIOTS FOOTBALL TEAM. 'STEELERS FAN(with exception of Rothlisberger), HERE.  BUT...we buy this tattooed kid more than that faction of "modern-day-version-carpet-bagger"-assume-to-control-you-bullshit-smile-in-your-face-play-you-behind-your-back-manipulating-think-they're-better-and-know-better-than-you-condescending-self-serving liberals.

CONGRATS making the Patriots, Justin Rohrwasser.  Jus' hope you miss all your kicks against Steelers, Chiefs, Ravens--and a BUNCH of other NFL teams.  (CLICK FLAG TO READ STORY)